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Providing Jefferson & surrounding communities quality mental health therapy



We offer outpatient psychotherapy for you and your loved ones with compassion & confidentiality

When you are ready to make an appointment at Restoring Balance Counseling, LLC in Jefferson, please contact Jeremy at (920) 674-5050.  If you have questions you'd like answered before deciding if outpatient therapy is right for you or a loved one, please call or email at jeremy@restoringbalancecounseling.com

Before your first appointment

You are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance company before your first appointment to determine your benefits, identifying any deductibles and/or copays that you will be responsible for. Mental health services are not guaranteed to be a covered service by your insurance carrier.  If you need assistance with any of this information, please let us know.

Your Initial Assessment/First appointment

After you contacted Jeremy at (920) 674-5050, and he has verified insurance eligibility for services, he  or one of the therapists will contact you to make the Initial Assessment.  Feeling comfortable and having a "good fit" with your therapist is important for therapy to be successful for self-improvement, growth, and a more balanced life.  The Initial Assessment is a time when you and the therapist begin the therapeutic relationship.  If it does not "feel right" to you, or the therapist believes that he/she may not be the best fit for your needs, talk about it with the therapist.  Remember, this process is about YOU and what YOU want and need from therapy.

Please bring:

  • Your insurance card(s)
  • Forms (if able to download and complete prior to Initial Assessment)
  • Primary care provider name and phone number
  • Your psychiatrist's name and phone number if you have one
  • A list of any medications and dose you currently are prescribed
  • Court/custody paperwork if appropriate
  • Other paperwork (eg. IEP, psychological evaluation) if appropriate
  • Copay and/or deductible verified by Jeremy from your insurance company, or from your direct contact with the insurance company (co-pays and deductibles are due on the date of your session)